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If you’ve never heard of Shirataki noodles, they’re these Japanese noodles made from a plant root that are almost 100% fiber and have almost zero calories. A whole bowl of these noodles has like 20 calories, and on the surface that sounds amazing.

But if you ever tried them, you probably hated them.

They smell bad. They’re rubbery. They have a funky taste. Why would anyone eat these things? Well, as it turns out, there’s a trick to them and you have to put them through a bit of a process. I found this handy video below that describes how to prepare the noodz, and after following this method I almost couldn’t distinguish between these and regular ramen noodles, one of my favorite treats. No bad taste or smell, texture is almost identical.

I just cooked up a big bowl of ramen using some instant tonkotsu broth and a scoop of miso, and enjoyed it all for about 150 calories. I can see these working very well for mie goreng or any other noodle based dish with a nice flavorful sauce or broth. Curry noodles, sesame noodles, whatever. There are thin ones like ramen and flat ones that are more of a fettuccine style. Next time I make these I’ll throw in some proteins and veggies and really make a thing out of it, but for now I am enjoying my ramen.

Look in your supermarket next to the tofu, that’s where these are usually at. Maybe try an Asian grocery if there’s one near you. They keep in the fridge for months, so they’re fine to buy ahead of time so that they’re already there when you’re craving that special cheat food.

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