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I am currently 5’6 and around 132-135 lbs depending on the day. I weight lift 3X a week doing Fitness Blender workouts on YouTube. I use dumbbells that go up to 24 lbs per hand for these workouts and right now I do not have access to a gym. I have an arm, leg, and total body strength selection that I generally do for weight lifting. I do 40ish minutes of lifting each time. I also do 3 forty-five minute sessions of dancing each week. The dancing is cardio workouts on YouTube.

Ideally, I want to continue with at-home workouts because I really hate gyms. However, I am not happy with my current body. I feel as if I look very skinny-fat. Pics can be found here: Ideally, I want a lean dancer’s body like Julianne Hough or Carrie Underwood found here: My boyfriend tells me that toning is not really so much about eating less and weighing less but rather about the way you workout. I am thinking that is the opposite and I should be dieting and losing weight. I feel like I might look this way around 115-120 lbs but I’m not sure.

I have a problem with binge eating. My calories are usually around 1400, sometimes, 1700, but then other days I will eat 4000-5000 no problem. I always feel really bad after this and usually diet after. I have looked into intuitive eating as a way to curb the binging, however, I really want to make physique goals so I feel I have to count calories in order to lose weight. I have gone through periods of being obsessed with calories and then trying not to worry about them but I feel like I just don’t know exactly what to do. If counting calories will get me to my goal then I have accepted I want to do what will help me.

I posted this on xxfitness and was told to start weight lifting, however, I already do lift weights so I am confused. I feel like I am constantly spinning my wheels.

Does anyone have any recommendations of how to go from my current body to my goal? I feel like it shouldn’t be that difficult but for some reason I cannot maintain consistency with my diet. I get stressed out about going over my calories and then end up binging anyway. I’m getting very frustrated and really do not know how to improve my physique without being super meticulous and weighing absolutely everything and making myself stick at 1400 calories or something. Anyway, this turned into kinda a rant

TLDR: I have a goal body and I want to know if losing weight will get me there, and if so how much weight to lose?

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