See The Wilder v Tyson Fury Official Scorecards Before The Knockout

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We have now obtained copies of the official scorecards of the Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury heavyweight unification bout. Tyson Fury had won all rounds on all the scorecards (except for one judge that gave Deontay Wilder the second round) up until the stoppage at round 7. You can see a copy of the score care below:

If the scorecards are anything to go by, it shows that Deontay Wilder did not stand a chance of winning the bout regardless of how it ended, except if he had knocked-out Tyson Fury – A feat which proved literally impossible going by the way Tyson Fury man handled him throughout the fight. Tyson Fury has been sending little subtle messages to wanting to face Anthony Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight crown sometime this year, we hope that fight gets made for the fans to finally get the true heavyweight champion of the division.

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