It took me 3 years to lose 60 pounds after kids, but this month marks the first year of maintaining my goal weight! F/30/5’7″ [185lbs > 125lbs] : loseit

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Here’s me. Yes I have many stretchmarks. Sorry I don’t have a better before picture, I avoided cameras like crazy back then. It was a wild ride. Bouncing up and down the first few years and failing over and over. I was constantly obsessed with food! It took me a long time to really notice what I was eating and the effects it had on my body.

Here’s some rules I have kept up with while maintaining. These are just things I noticed about my own body, everyone will be different.

Fruit and salad are avoided because they are so tricky into making you think they are a weightloss friend! Fruit is nothing but sugar and will have you starving again in an hour. Salad is like eating air covered in salad dressing. I get a lot of people like salad and it works for them, but I only stick to big chunky vegetables. Broccoli, bell peppers and onions, green beans really help fill me up and keep me full.

High fat and high proteins are the best! They keep you full for so long! Anything floury or starchy turns into sugar and then you are hungry again in an hour. When I eat flour products, I try to eat most of them at night.

Black tea with whole milk and Splenda is so good and my go-to in the morning or afternoon. Also black tea is a natural appetite suppressant. And whole milk keeps you full longer!

Intermittent fasting! I was diligent with the 18 hours off, 6 hours on when I was losing. But now I do it every other day or so and it seems to be keeping my appetite in check.

I didn’t count calories but I am aware of the calorie count of everything I ate. Kinda keep roughish numbers in my head. I aimed for 1200 calories a day.

This year I plan on incorporating some light exercise into my regimen. This was through diet only. I’m kinda afraid of the gym and other people.

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