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I was getting a little irritated with an early week-long plateau, because it sure felt like I was at a deficit. But I stuck with it. And I will continue to stick with it. Sunday morning I hit a new low, just barely. And then I had a completely planned cheat day — I figured after a month I could justify it. I don’t really know how many calories I ate because we went out to dinner and it’s tough to accurately guess the damage, but I logged it as 1500 and that’s probably in the right ballpark.

Of course, after a cheat like that, I hit another new low this morning. That’s always how it seems to go :). I have to remember that I set myself up for a slow and steady loss this time (says 1.5 on my tracker, but that’s just a visualization, I’m actually aiming for more like 1 lb/wk over the long term), so I need to keep my expectations realistic. Gone are the days when I could lose a pound every other day, and I don’t want to anyway. This is going to be a permanent change.

Good luck everyone, and happy Monday! Hope you are seeing success, and if you are frustrated then keep with it, persistence is how you win!

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