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STEM 2020 SCHOLARSHIPProject ScopeThere are several scholarship opportunities available in many universities across the Canadian provinces which are highly underutilized. An article released by CBC News dated 30th of April 2018 affirms this claim. “What we have, unfortunately , is millions of scholarship dollars being left on the table because students are not bothering to apply” [Continue Reading]. Also, due to low students, some government owned universities are merging while others are transferring their courses to neighboring schools to maximize facilities. With the recent covid 19 pandemic which led to total shutdown of businesses all around the world, schools across Canada were able to successfully transfer their courses to online but not able to admit international students will most definitely be at a shortage of students to use their facilities and the increasing scholarship opportunities. This fact coupled with others shows clearly that there will be more graduate study positions available by the next academic calendar.AimTo secure graduate admission and scholarship for applicants who studied any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related courses in Canada.Minimum Requirementa) Applicants must be a university graduate; applicant must have completed his undergraduate studies in STEM related courses as at the time of applying.b) Applicants must have a minimum CGPA of 3.80/5.0 or 5.32/7.0 or above.c) Applicants must not be more than 28years old as at next birthday.d) Applicants must not have graduated more than 2 years.e) An applicant who has graduated for more than 2 years but not exceeding 5years must provide a related work experience in their core area of STEM qualification.f) Applicants must be able to provide at least 2 academic referees when needed.After Registration, what next?Applicants shall attempt an online based multiple choice test questions. The test format shall cut across English Comprehension and general STEM related questions. Successful applicants from this exercise will enter the pool where they shall provide the following:(a). A well craftily written statement of purpose. We implore every candidate at this level to ensure that their statement of purpose reflects their true and genuine intent. We have facilities to check plagiarized statements.(b). Unofficial/personal copy of all academic transcripts. Applicants shall provide official transcript directly to the school once requested, at their personal cost.(c). A soft copy of university certificate.(d). Two (2) academic reference upon request.What next after entering the pool?1. Upon receiving the above listed document, we shall proceed to applying to schools (2 schools) that suit your profile.2i. There are 7 possible outcomes from this exercise as listed below.(a). Admission offer, full tuition funding and employment offer by the school.(b). Admission offer, full tuition funding.(c). Admission offer, partial tuition funding and employment offer.(d). Admission offer, partial tuition funding.(e). Admission offer alone.(f). Waitlist(e). No Admission Though our target for every applicant is either A or B while our least target is C and D among the occurrences listed above but we cannot rule out the possibilities of other occurrences where admission could come with partial or no scholarship funding. At this point, applicant will choose to accept or decline such admission offer, should the applicant choose to accept such offer, he or she must demonstrate a genuine proof of financial sponsor and such applicant must be willing and able to make tuition deposit directly into the institution account before we proceed with visa processing. We shall not grant request from applicants seeking that we accept admission when it’s crystal clear that such applicant do not possess the financial strength to finance their studies. We shall not give any applicant the admission letter for them or any other agent/agency to process their visa/study permit. The whole exercise shall be handled strictly by us from beginning to the end.2iii. Applicants must be willing and ready to sign/write and or provide legal binding documents towards the approval of their study permit.2iv. Applicant must be willing and ready to sign/write and or provide some legal binding documents that will compel them to critically adhere to the terms and conditions of their study permit/temporary resident visa (TRV) once they enter Canada.3i. Upon securing the admission, applicants shall proceed with their medical test at a designated medical facilities approved by IRCC close to them. This procedure of going for medical test before it’s requested is called “upfront medical”, aim to quicken the whole visa application process, applicants shall bear the cost of the medical test.3ii. For unsuccessful applicants that falls under group F on (2i), we shall notify them of the decision from the schools and show them the proof of spending on their application as well as corresponding messages to confirm our efforts on their application and thereby withdraw such applicant from the pool. Such applicant can submit a fresh application for assessment under our graduate programs or attempt another STEM qualifying examination if they meet the minimum requirements.After securing the visa, what next?1. We shall have an orientation program, must attend program for every successful applicants. It is a moment to share some live practical experiences with them, it is a moment to share examples of issues they might experience in their sojourn and how to avoid or deal with such experiences. We have well over 15 years of travelling and tours and over 7 years on processing strictly Canada visa, admission and relocation especially on study permit which is considered the most difficult category of visa.2. Every successful candidate automatically becomes our model. Their names, pictures and other non-sensitive materials and information about them can, might and will be used with or without their consent solely for promotional purposes.3. We shall be having a closely regulated platform strictly for successful applicants alone. The aim of the platform is to foster a deeper connection amongst the applicants as they tag along with their dreams.4. A constant communication between us and the applicants especially those with research grants for their projects. Upon completion of such project, we shall promote/publish their work to the world in journals and give updates to individuals/corporations who sponsor such applicants, through this, more opportunities and preferences shall be given to Nigerians.How much will it cost me to apply for the scholarship?The program is designed to be free for everyone but however, there is a little registration fee of NGN 20,000 (twenty thousand naira only) for anyone to participate in the program.Note: This is not a mass migration scheme neither is it a scheme that can be completed within days like many travelling agents promises, the process of securing a graduate admission especially from institution that requires securing a project supervisor by oneself can be very lengthy. Also, securing study permit with the time IRCC takes to determine applicant’s eligibility verification and issuance of visa, hence, we cannot give a precise timeframe the cycle might take. It is important to state it very clearly that we are not a visa racketeering agent and we do not have any power to influence any graduate admission decision of applicants, neither do we have any special connection with any consular or consulate to influence visa decision. We are simply representing your genuine interest in securing the admission, visa and study permit at no cost.

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