but in my case, the paper towel analogy is spot on. : loseit

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F43/5’5” SW: 175lbs CW: 136.6lbs GW: 133-135. CICO/IF since August 2019. 4 weeks into PPL strength training program.

The paper towel analogy has been really helpful for me throughout my weight loss journey.

During the first few months, I felt a bit frustrated as I was doing everything right, the number on the scale was going in the right direction, but I didn’t really look much different. It wasn’t until I was almost halfway to my GW that I started to really see the changes in my body – and then it seemed like a lot of changes popped up on my radar all at once!

The rate at which I’m losing weight has slowed as I close in on my GW, but the analogy holds. Now, I see & feel the difference in my body with literally every pound lost. The size 6 pants I bought (I was in desperate need of clothes) when I got down to 140lbs are getting too big now that I weigh 136.6lbs. Crazy! I now re-asses my GW every 2-3lbs & I’m definitely not shopping again until I’m at GW!

Anyway, I thought I’d share the link & my experience to date in case someone else finds it helpful!

TLDR: the paper towel analogy for weight loss is cool.

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