A single tank top and shorts are my newest motivation

After spending my entire teenage years and early twenties overweight, I successfully got down to my healthy habit weight before I turned 30. During this time, I took up running and biking and my motivations to lose weight shifted from vanity to sports performance: I run and bike faster when I am lighter.

My sport of choice is duathlon. This sport combines running and cycling as a triathlon without the swim. This year, I had qualified and was registered to race in the World Duathlon Championships in Amsterdam in September. As part of this, I had to order my official uniform back in February. Because of these pandemic times, the race has been deferred until September of next year.

However, the uniform that I ordered and paid for in February (using my measurements at the time) is still to be used for next year. Nearly a full 1.5 years away. For those that are unfamiliar, triathlon/duathlon uniforms are quite fitting.

My uniform finally arrived in the mail last week. Trying it on, I'm excited to race in this next year! Now, I just need to make sure I still fit into it 🙂

My Uniform!

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