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I’ve never actually posted before/after photos before, but I did a 90 day weight loss challenge after losing 100 lbs last year. It went well relatively speaking:

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It turned into a 100 day challenge so that I could hit onederland and I actually got down to 195. It was glorious. I did it in preparation for going back to school. School has added stress, and that stress has lead to breaking commitments to maintain my weight loss. It’s now a year later and as of today I am back at 266.

Here is my new before photo:

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I recognize long-term commitments to maintaining weight loss is my problem, but it’s a problem a can’t fix right now. Right now, all I can do is get back to where I was, and then hope through the habits I do build from today on, that I will be in a better place to maintain. I knocked it out of the park last time, and quite honestly, I don’t expect it to come as easily this time around. Back then I had already lost 100 lbs, I had momentum, my only other commitment was to my job. My rules are the same as last time:

  • Keto @ 50grams of carbs /day

  • Intermittent fasting at 20:4

  • Maintaining a habit of waking up at 5AM everyday

  • Maintaining a habit of positive thinking and healthy stress relief.

  • 0 cheat days over the 90 day period

Added on to this are my goals for school. This is the focus. I hope to either update this thread, or make a new one. I’m doing this in preparation for my sisters wedding, I’m supposed to walk her 1.5 year old daughter down the isle. It will be great no matter what happens, and I hope to share it with you folks here.

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